Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 21 Day 6 - Courage

Operation: Sledge Hammer

Insert: Run 1 mile with 25# pack

Contact #1: 4 rounds
- 10 Burpees with Pack
- 400M Run

Actions at Objective:
- 100 Deadlift (L)
- 100 DB Push Press (M)
- 100 KB SDHP (H)
- 100 DB Thrusters (L)

Contact #2: 4 rounds
- 10 Burpees with Pack
- 400M Run

Extract: Run 1 mile with 25# Pack

1:05:00 deadline for mission completion from insert to extract. If you go over the limit, add Escape & Evasion: 3 Mile Run with Pack


  1. Holy Mother of God... this is the hardest FMP I have ever done. Makes Predator look like a walk in the park. Beautiful way to start the day.

    Approximately 1:26:00 not including E&E. I owe you guys a 3 mile ruck. Cheers my friends.

  2. Hey All!!
    How is everyone doing? Since I can actually post I'd figure I'll take this opportunity to update ya'll on how this last week has been workout wise. The deployment is a whole different story. I also should mention that rest days.. yea about those :-p.

    Filthy Fifty: 23:20 as Rx'd

    Hero WOD "Adambrown": 27:48
    225# Deads, 115# Bench, 135# Cleans

    FMP Sledge Hammer: 1:17:xx
    Wore Body Armor(35#) the whole time, wasn't sure if suppose to take it off during AAO.
    135# Deads, 35# Press, 55# SDHP, 25# Thrusters
    Did not do the E&E.

    Day 3 (Dead hang pull up ladder wod): 58:01
    *Really, is it necessary to drop during 1,2,3,4. Wow do they compound fast!

    Day 2 AMRAP: 5 Rounds @ 45#
    T-Get Ups are ridiculous! However, I did the first 5 HSPU's free in the middle of gym (one at a time). :-)

    Day 1 Murph w/Body Armor(35#): 48:21
    Was about ten minutes slower then without vest.

    Miscellaneous WOD scores:
    Week 20 - Helen: 9:49 *I think new PR
    Hero "Coe": Under 9mins but only 45# bar
    Diana: 7:29 *new PR

    Well, I think that is enough to post for now :-). However, I've pretty much fallen off the Paleo wagon :-(. Keep it up everyone!

  3. Matt - nice job! Miss ya, we all can't wait for you to get back and join us!

    Everyone else - HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD is correct!
    I was with Travis, Mel, Scott, Adam, and we had Ashleigh join us today as well - I had to bail before we even got to the last mile I hough an hour and a half would of been enough time - ummm no. So, I owe 4 miles tomorrow one with a pack or vest for me (thanks Matt been wearing yours) Could not do burpees due to cancer in my hamstring, and my thrusters were not as deep due to the same cancer - so I am a big sissy! But, anyone who wants to join to finish tomorrow well, I will be trudging along as always! :0)

  4. Yeah...I think I got cancer today, as well...from all that damn running! Thanks for a great first FMP everyone! It was tough, but I enjoyed every stinking second of it! And my E&E just so happened to be a group effort to get my keys out of my locked car... What a great sub for 3 more miles ; ) Haha. Just kidding. Well, not about the key part... I owe you all my 3 miles once I recover! Like Monday ; ) Since work saved my butt for