Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 20 - Day 3 Strength

Goal: Focus on technique. Develop explosiveness by ensuring proper movement.

Warmup: Run 1 mile

Workout: Clean & Jerk

5x5 - Light barbell
5x4 - Medium barbell
5x3 - Heavy barbell

Use the light and medium C&J's to prepare for the heavy sets.


  1. 5X5 (40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 60kg, 60kg) squat clean and jerk
    5X4 (60kg, 65kg,65kg, 70kg) squat clean and jerk
    5X4 (70kg, 75kg, 75kg and last rep was 80kg)
    last 2 rounds were power clean and jerks. New blisters, new PR, new day tomorrow.

    Gonna miss you Chandler. You push us harder than you know. Even if we do not get to work out at the same time. Good luck friend.

  2. 5x5: 20kg
    5x4: 40kg
    5x3: 50kg (I tried 55kg, but the jerk just wasn't there! :)

    I think you all tried to convince me of this... but do all 'cleans' mean squat cleans? That's just not so fun...