Monday, August 9, 2010

Farewell (Hopefully)

I will be leaving on Wednesday for my training and just wanted to write a short blog post as a final farewell.

Thanks for everyone for training with me and really showing me what the concept of a "team" really means.  Leaving BBCF is something that is very hard to do as I have gained so many friends and coached so many amazing athletes. 

Without all the BBCF warriors pushing me in every WOD (both in real time and looking at times on the blog) I would not have been nearly as motivated in my efforts and probably would not be realizing my full potential.

I will take a piece of everyone in my training and use it to help push me past the challenging and difficult times that I will inevitably encounter.  Just thinking about everyone rooting for me at home is incentive enough to not only do this for myself, but for everyone who has trained alongside my these past few years.

One final thank you goes out to Coach Ord, thanks for the amazing Warrior Athlete program and being an awesome, hold nothing back mentor!

Stay strong and stay in touch!


  1. Adios (again!) Chandler! We've said it all before (twice actually). Make us proud, and report back often with tales of your adventures. We'll miss you around here & look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Chandler, you know we're gonna miss you, but you also know we expect you back by Friday.
    Kidding, we know it's real this time. Sucks ballzz to have you leave, but it's for a great cause. Good luck Warrior....

  3. Chandler-
    This time is meant to be, the other two times there was a reaon you didnt go! Like I said, no shirt, no party, no tears - well I got the first two down, but when I read your post I blew the 3rd one.
    I have told you before, and I will say it again - I am a better person from having you as a freind, coach, mentor and training partner in my life! Thank you for everything you have given me over these past few years!

    I love you and miss you already! I can't wait for the day I see you walk through the doors at BBCF with your trident pinned to your chest!