Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 21 Day 5 - Courage

10,000 Meters

Run 10K

Redline so your tank is empty at the end.


  1. 51:02

    First mile and a half was a little slow as we were running in the dark with out head lamps. There's something rejuvenating and peaceful running in the dark & watching the sun rise. I felt like all the hustle & bustle and general bull shit of life was on the side burner. Great start to a great day! Thanks Denny, Royal & Steve for the company.

  2. Just made my ruck sack for tomorrow's FMP. Got two big bags of bird seed we had in the garage, wrapped 'em in towels & shoved em in my Da Kine backpack which filled up the cavity nice & plump - 25.4 pounds. Money baby, money...

  3. Well, as I'd love to share Travis' sentiments I enjoyed my sunrise driving to Carson City to work early in the am.

    I ended up doing a 10k mountain run at Galena Creek Park after work (starts at roughly 6000 feet). Tons of elevation gain and drop on a familiar trail (spent many a summers up here and winters, getting ready for race season). Came face to face with one too many horseboys (men on horses, never understood why they called em' cowboys). No damned room for a friggin' horse on a singletrack trail. Oh well, better en getting bit by a damned dog.

    Haven't done a mountain run like this in quite some time. I miss the dirt, the rocks, the sage, and boulders. Felt like home again.

    45:23 out and back

    I redlined alright.
    Ran like a horse.

    Good job am crew, sorry I missed you, but the mountains called.........

    Join me sometime so you can see and feel the difference. I'll tell you next time I do this.
    My left knee is really giving me the sheets so I decided to run on dirt for that very reason. Too many injuries in the past and I don't want em coming back.

    peace out homies

  4. Denny... my apologies my friend. I figured you were with us this AM, but took a different route. Hope you enjoyed your mountain run. I am with you next time you go. See you tomorrow amigo.

  5. Huffaker Park me and Adam, and as always running is not only stupid, I am sure it has given me cancer in my entire right leg.