Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 20 Day 6 - Strength

Sorry for the early post holmses. I'm going to be out of town tomorrow & wanted to get it up to hear about your love affairs with Helen. She is one sweet lady.

Goal for the workout: Review the time of your last workout and set a goal for this one.

Warmup: Stretch 10 Minutes

Workout: Helen
3 rounds for time of...

400 Meter run
21 Kettlebell Swings 53# (24Kg)
12 Pull Ups

This is an incredibly intense workout that should leave you completely spent. Make sure to keep your form under control.


  1. WTF.
    I gotta stop giving 110% during the week.

    My Helen time way back when was 7:51. In my notes I wrote sore and tired.


    Now, I felt like I was hauling some serious ass. When I saw my time I was really pissed. Scott, Elene, and Steve all felt fast, but went slower, as well.

    I have not been sleeping well, I thought my nutrition was dialed in, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

    I think I am so tired that I just don't know it and I ignore it. I expect more from myself and am not getting the results that I should on these benchmarks. Hmmmm, what's up D???

  2. A couple weeks ago on the double 5k run week I ran a 17:37.

    The next 5K that week I ran a 18:40 and I felt, again, like I was hauling ass. Somethings not right here.

    Seems to me that the heavy clean and Jerks are fairly fatiguing when You do a bazillion of them. Argggghhhhh.

    Ok, I will stop my bitching now.

  3. One thing I am very proud of is the dynamic warm up I have been running our small little group through in the mornings.

    We use a mixture of bands, plyometrics, and running drills to get HOT before our workouts.

    Scott, has been unable to run the past few weeks because of what I believe is a serious case of IT Band Syndrome (suffered with this alot during my racing career). Scott has switched shoes, warmed up proper every morning, and he has finished several running wods this week (including a great Helen today). A couple weeks ago, before all this, Scott had to walk back to the gym and row.

    I have been there and done that with these injuries and they suck. It has been a joy to me this week to see Scott (and Elene and Steve) finish all of his runs without pain.

    Screw my times. I am glad to see my buddy is doing better. Great job to Elene and Steve to. Every one has been injury free so far the last couple of weeks.

    Over and out

  4. 11:29... took a minute off of my p.r. from Feb, so that was nice.

    Denny, I'm so sorry about your frustration... I've been there. My thought is that it's either one of those training 'valleys' that we inevitably encounter... or I'm also wondering if you are doing more than the Warrior program. If you are doing more, I'd vote that you try 3 weeks of "just" doing the warrior workouts, and see how you feel.

    (As if 'just' doing warrior workouts is a minimal feat!)

    Either way, hang in there... you'll come out of it!!!!!


  5. Dear Denny,

    What has changed since your last Helen time - you are now married!!! Wait until the kids get here!!!

    Dear Torrey,

    "I set a PR by a minute...." Well, bring your kids to the WOD next time!

    With love to all the faster, stronger Warrior Athletes,


    PS Torrey, peg board coming, prepare to be crushed.

  6. Denny,
    Don't worry. Your endurance, stamina and speed will eventually stabilize after 3-5 years of marriage.

  7. I set a new PR today - the hooker could not get me today! LOL
    Literally for 2 years now I have been shooting for a sub 10, and she has left me crying with a brrom in hand or a water bottle kicked across the gym more than once! This time...
    9:58 at 20kg for swings!!! YES!!!

    Anyway, Denny I wanna see these dynamic warm up drills so kick down!

    Second note - You are an amazing athlete, sometimes we have good days sometimes we have bad days! For the most part I beleive you have amazing days, next time it will be 7 mins so dont even worry! :0)

  8. You all kick serious butt. I am so proud to see all of your PR's. Success is a great thing and this program is turning us in to much better athletes than I could have imagined. Very well rounded, well structured human beings. Happy to be part of such a fine group. I've been to this place before, it's just a matter of time.......

    Rock on,

  9. Dear Gene,
    You think I'm afraid of a little ol' peg board? I'll carry my girls on my back for that one! :)