Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 21 Day 1 - Courage


Wear a 20# vest or rucksack

Run 1 Mile

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats

Run 1 Mile

Hard way to start the week... Suck It UP!


  1. 43:03 with vest

    Pull ups, push ups & sit ups broken into 10 sets of 10, 20, and 30.

  2. 40:00 with 20 lb. vest
    I'll start the week like this any time. Great day.
    No days suck.......
    Unless I'm injured then all days suck.

    Travi, did your ass get raw doing 300 sit ups or you typo??

    Started with 10 minute dynamic warm up:
    (band around ankles)
    fwd walk with band
    bck wd walk with band
    side step both sides with band
    monster walk with band

    25 m for following:
    High knees
    butt kickers
    sprint from floor
    High skips
    Back wd run emphasizing long back leg.

    Old skool methods that work wonders.

  3. Typo. Meant squats. Thanks amigo.

    Today is a good day.

  4. 39:24 with 20 lb vest
    Agree with Travis and Denny. Great day today!
    Good times with Alena, Adam and Brian!

  5. OK, I want you all to know that today was the first day of my workout career, and I literally mean this - I thought as I was doing 100 20lb weighted vest pull ups, "What the fuck, I am a girl - why am I doing this, I am a girl this is crazy! Who, what girl wears a 20lb vest and does this shit?" Yeap, there is always a first time for everything and today it was it!