Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 20 Day 5 Strength

Goal for the workout: Push the pace hard. Ignore pain, pay attention to technique.

Warmup: Stretch 10 Minutes

Workout: H rounds for time of...

10 KB Snatch - right arm (H)
10 KB Snatch - left arm (H)
20 Squats

Practice good form on the Snatches. Use as heavy a KB as you can for this workout. Focus more on the precision of the movements than the speed of the whole workout.


  1. 16:39 with 28Kg Kettlebell

    The workout was taxing, but the hardest part was the mental push through the incessant tearing that I kept feeling in my hands. I tore my left palm, my right ring finger callus, and gave birth to two nice blood blisters. Thanks for the company Alena.

    Right side KB Snatches were much better than left side. I like the KB Snatch movement.

  2. 9:14... 5 rounds with a 20kg KB... while my callouses didn't actually rip off, it sure felt like they would... ugh.

    I liked that workout.

  3. 32 kg kb (6 rounds)

    I hear you travi. My hands are tore up from today and from the clean and jerk day.

    Did the KB snatches Marton style from Crossfit mainsite and was able to get a ton of weight up overhead (compared to what I have been doing in the past). Scott went heavy the same way and it worked for him too.