Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 19 - Day 1 Discipline


Stretch 10 minutes


Run 400 meters (warm up)

H rounds for time of:

5 Kettlebell Clean & Press - right arm (H)

5 Kettlebell OH Squats - right arm (H)

5 Kettlebell Clean & Press - left arm (H)

5 Kettlebell OH Squats - right arm (H)

5 Deadlifts (H)

Run 400 meters (cool down)


  1. 14:39 (or maybe 13:49... I forget) with 28 Kg Kettlebell and 100Kg Deadlifts.

  2. I should read the directions a little more carefully... hey, Gene, if you don't mind, could you print the workouts in a larger font for me?... just kidding. Anyway, I included the runs in my time, so it was 23:00... with a 16kg KB and 80Kg Deadlifts.

  3. Nice pic. homie...
    I really liked this workout.
    However, I timed the runs too. Doesn't matter to me, it's all relative and good.

    The One armed KB Overhead Squats were tough, but I liked the focus on good technique in order to execute the movement properly before toppling over into a pile of shit or a shit pile..

    19:51 with a 24kg kb and 110kg deadlifts.
    Fun WOD

    looking forward to our 2 5k's this week.