Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week 17 - Day 6 Strength


Stretch 10 Minutes

Workout: Grace

30 Clean and Jerks - 135 Lbs

Grace as defined in the dictionary - "Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion."

Oh... the irony!


  1. 4:36 at 62.5 Kg

    A minute off my PR. Good week for me though. I was actually able to get all workouts in which hasn't happened as of late.

  2. 3:03-- p.r.-- 40kg

    Didn't do the squat cleans... just regular power cleans, but I was curious what my time would be since I had done Grace in Feb., right before we started the Warrior program.

  3. 5:09 with Squat Cleans.

    Felt great doing squat cleans. Much more stimulus this way!

    Great job everyone!

  4. Oh yeah, worked on snatches for about 45 minutes. It helps to practice squat snatches with Coombs next to you, he is the grand master flash of good squat snatch technique.

    Had a nice long swim in Tahoe (6X200 on 30" rest interval) and felt every last bit of Grace while swimming. Can't believe it's "Courage" week already.