Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 17 - Day 3 Strength


21 - 15 - 9

Kettlebell Swings (Heavy)



50 Kettlebell Snatch - Right Arm (Heavy)
50 Kettlebell Snatch - Left Arm (Heavy)

Use the 21 - 15 - 9 workout as a warmup. Focus on explosive movement and good technique. Note yoru time for the Snatches. For an extra challenge - don't put the kettlebell down until both arms are done.


  1. 9:03 with 24 Kg Kettlebell.

    I wish I would have watched a video of a proper KB snatch before I did this. My KB snatches were more of a traditional snatch movement with the three pulls starting from the ground. After watching some videos, it seems like the KB snatch is a mixture between a KB swing and a DB snatch? The swinging motion looks easier & I could have probably done it faster.

  2. 7:00 with a 24 kg kettlebell (not letting go of Kettlebell).

    I watched the Jeff Martone video this morning and I agree with your comment Travis.

    I started out with 2 pood (for a bout 3 reps) and my shoulders said, "F' you Denny, you made me do more clean and jerks in one hour than I would have expected to do in a lifetime." So, I listened and lightened the load.

    This made the workout enjoyable.
    Ha ha

  3. 20kg KB @4:38

    I did not put the kettlebell down. We also established a 3 burpee penalty for dropping the kettbells.

    You want to do the kb snatch with a swing. It's definitely a lot more efficient and easier.

  4. 16kg @ 4:20... I think I should try the 20kg next time, though I'm sure it will destroy me.

    It was fabulous working out with the group this evening... a great change of pace. Thanks!