Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 17 - Day 1 Strength


10 minutes of stretching

Workout: Barbell Clean & Jerk

5 x 5 - start at "Light" Weight
5 x 5 - Add weight if desired
5 x 5 - Add weight if desired

3 x 3 - start at "Medium" Weight
3 x 3 - Add weight if desired
3 x 3 - Add weight if desired

Load up the weight for the Clean and Jerks. Go up in weight judiciously, being careful not to let form degrade. Do a full body stretch before and after the workout. Note the max weights used for 5 rep and 3 rep C&J


  1. Oops! Messed up on the formatting of the photo. I'll work on that.

  2. 60Kg first 75 reps, good.
    70kg 24 reps, good.
    80kg 3 reps, missed every one of em.

    Got froggy on the last 3 and tried to up the anty, f'd that one up. But Jason would of said that was ok to go to failure on the last 3 reps (I cleaned em, but couldn't muster the hulk holganness to jerk em. Guess I should of jerked first and cleaned later).

    Hands really f'd up after this workout (especially between the thumb and index finger). Good God, the minute the hands heal they get tore up the next day.

    This is a serious post Manor, be serious.

  3. Heaviest weight:

    5 rep max 80kg

    3 Rep Max 85kg

  4. Jerking before cleaning. You're killin me Manor... killin me.

  5. I like to think that I worked smarter today, because I sure didn't work harder! I took 'light' very literally, and started with 20kg and moving up to 28kg for the last 5 rep round; then started at 32kg for the 3 rep rounds, and ended at 40kg for the last round.

    Looking forward to a visit with Grace!


  6. What ju talkin bout willis. You gave me the idea Coombs. Dirty mouth