Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 16-Day 6 Discipline


10min of Stretching



Beginner & Intermediate:

  • Thrusters  
    • med barbell or heavy DB
  • Pull-Ups
Advanced & Elite:

  • Thrusters (95#, 42.5kg)
  • Pull-Ups
Fran is simply a glimpse of heaven!

Jason "Rhabdo" Kaplan with a 1:53 Fran:

"Hard. Fast. No Cuddling Afterwords"


  1. 2:38 as Rx

    She put's me down hard every time and I will never forget this woman!

    We started on the minute and I forgot after the workout. This caused me to be deeply depressed, until Alena reminded me that we started a minute in. After that life was good!

  2. Dear Fran,
    I have to be honest here, I don't like you very much. Yes, it's probably my own fault. I did Tuesday's workout on Thursday, and coupled with not following directions so well on Friday, you are a b#$%*.

    Lucky for you, I hadn't written down a time for you hey, I had a pr today... HA!

    While you may have gotten the best of me today... mentally and physically... not next time!

    Yours Truly,
    10:15... ugh

  3. "Fran" fed my muffin ass cupcakes. I gotta get butterfly pullups down and not do my thrusters broken. This will come with time.
    I had a worse Fran time than 8 months ago. Couldn't tell you why. Although, Tuesdays wod was like "Fran on Coke."
    I am tired, sore, and pissed at this woman once again. My times not worth posting this time, but it will be next time.....

  4. Chandler,
    Nice job on "Fran"
    In the midst of my bitching and moaning I realized that I forgot to mention how fantastic your effort was on this incredibly delicious benchmark.

    Our mission will be to destroy this ho-bag next time she comes to town.


  5. You all did awesome!
    I was lucky enough to do my fran next to Chandler, and all I can think is dont put the bar down till he does - yeah well that does not work when he is through his first 21 while I am on like 13 or something. LOL
    Anyway, new PR for me today - felt like it was a crappier performance than last time, but I guess not
    Can I say that video I have watched a million imes and it always does the same thing to me - shake my head in disbelief, with chills running up and down my spine!