Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 16, Day 2 Discipline


10min of Stretching


3-5 rounds of:
Run 800m
25 Heavy DB Thrusters
50 Push Ups

"Success is a matter of understanding and religiously practicing specific, simple habits that always lead to success"


  1. I did not know what "Embrace the suck" meant until today.

    Heavy for today was 60lb dumbells.
    I stuck with 45s thank you very much.

    I finished three solid rounds in the morning (again rushing to work in Carson City) in 34:10

    I completed my last two rounds in the pm.
    But, instead of running the 800's I swam 300's.
    Total time 57:10

    Talk about a friggin fun day. Swimmin', thrusters, and push ups.

    Not heaven but close enough.

    I'm a bit sore today.

  2. While Denny may have been near heaven, I was far, far away in the other direction. I'm considering ranking that as the most horrendous warrior workout yet.
    42 minutes
    ... 3 pathetic rounds, bloody hot, 30 lb dumbbells, rowed 1000m pieces, push-ups WITH THE STUPID MAT

    ... I think I felt my quads literally shred to bits during that one

    Between last Fri/Sat and today, I'm thinking this is the season of the quads (last time it was the season of push-ups...)

    But of course I'm loving every minute, and can't wait for tomorrow!