Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 16- Day 3 Discipline


10 min of Stretching


Beginner: Run 1 mile
Intermediate: Run 3 miles
Advanced and Elite: Run 10k (6.2 miles)

The Protein Debate

Fructose May Increase Blood Pressure

Mikes Gym


  1. Great run along the PCT... not exactly sure of the distance... but ran 60 minutes. Good for my (otherwise pathetic) agility.

  2. Awesome job Torrey! Keep up the strong running!


    Slowly, but surely getting better. The goal is to get under 50 minutes steadily.

  3. Matt - did you get to use the treadmill again?

  4. Nice job everyone.

    I ran the assessment trail from 16 weeks ago as my 10k course.

    I did not set any land speed records, but I got the work done in a reasonable amount of time.


    By next week I should be able to run without tape. Not that the tape slows me down, I'll just be able to get out the door quicker. The foot is healing nicely. Walking lunges were a serious problem about a month ago. I did them yesterday with zero pain. I guess letting something heal is important (I say this with my right pinky tip in the right corner of my mouth).