Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 15 Day 1 Courage


Element 1

Ladder to 10:

DB Complex (Medium)
-Push Up on DB
-DB Deadlift
- DB Front Squat
- DB Overhead Press

Element 2

Run 6 miles or 40 min, whichever comes first.

Element 3

Barbell deadlifts:

5x5 @62kg (light)
5x5 @85kg (medium)
5x5 @102.5kg (heavy)

How Prefontaine Trained

The Right Way to Warmup is (Your Answer here)

Exposure to Plants and Trees Seem to Benefit Health
-Wait, so we are not supposed to wear a parka when we go outside to protect us from the evil outdoors? This defies common logic!


  1. Complex 16:33

    6 miles in the deserts trail on soft and compact sand, by my house. 38:48

    Deads Complete!

    Great day!

  2. Chandler.. that is freakin awesome!
    Your running has improved dramatically.

    Complex: 19:44 @ 45lbs

    6 miles: 52:19

    Deads haven't been completed yet.. tomorrow!

  3. The complex took me like 17mins ish - we did strict pull ups so that blew!
    The run was at Huffaker - we had Matt my Chiropractor join us - and he is really fast!
    The deads was fricking crazy!

  4. Element 1: 25:00 with 45 db and strict pull ups
    Element 2: 41:00
    Element 3: 08:15 (135, 185, 225 lbs)
    Total time: 74:15

    Overall I really liked this workout.
    My foot is healing well. When the pain comes on I listen and back off just enough to not hurt anymonre (well, hurt to the point that I don't give a rats ass about the pain). Another month and I'll be smoking again.

    Nice job everyone.

  5. Bowerman and the Men of Oregon is a great book that gives some great insight into what the human body is capable of. The sheer mechanics of running a four minute mile are mind boggling to me. Well worth the time to read for anyone who dabbles in running... Which is all of us.

  6. Thanks Matt!

    Thanks for the book recommendation Travis, I'll go pick it up tomorrow!

    Complex Ladder with Strict Pull-Ups-16:33

    Run 39:02

    Deads complete @135, 185 and 225