Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 16-Day 5 Discipline


10min of Stretching


2-4 Rounds of:

50 (Heavy) KB Sumo Deadlifts
25 Lunges (Left side + Right Side=1 Rep)
50 (Light) Overhead Squats

Use a barbell or PVC for the OHS

What Muscles are used in Pull-Ups?

The Importance of Shoulder Mobility and Scapular Stability.

Requirements for Shoulder Stability.

"Hear and forget.
See and remember.
Do and understand."


  1. 22:58 with a 32kg Kb and a 20kg

  2. 2 pood kb, 65 lb ohs

    Nice mix of movements in this wod. I did not know what the point of KB sumo deadlifts was until my ass started to lock up in round 4. Oh wait, that could've been from the lunges too. Either way, great wod.

    I don't think "Fran" will be bringing me any cupcakes.

  3. Holy shit this was a destroyer - I did not even think it would be nearly this bad! One of those ones you look at, and think ahhhh this should not be so bad. Yes, I still look at WOD's and think this...
    Had 32kg kb and 20kg bar for OHS 25:59