Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 15 Day 3 Courage

R3 x2

Time each separately:

1 Mile Run

Row 500

1 Mile Run

Redline the whole way!

Your Brain on Exercise

Active Hip 2.0 Directors Cut
-by Mark Rippetoe and Stef Bradford

The Squat, or How I Learned to Stop Leg-Pressing and Use My Ass
--by Mark Rippetoe

Do not run!
-Mark Rippetoe


  1. First round - 17:04

    Second round - 16:39

  2. Good job Denny! You are a running machine.

  3. 2x
    Run 1 mile
    Swim 500m
    Run 1 mile

    Round 1-20:02

    Round 2-20:17

    Transition time was about 5-6min each round from the run to the pool and the pool to the run

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  5. This sucked - this sucked!
    THis sucked - and sucked again, but I had Evan and Gene running with me and that helped!

    Thanks guys!