Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 6 Day 3, Wednesday 28 April, 2010

OK, so I try to just stick to the programming but WOW - this bringing the pain week is for sure doing that.


15 minute trail run low intensity
10 min trail run medium intensity
5 min trail run high intensity
turn around and hall ass back for a negative split.


  1. Huffaker trail at 5:30pm today - Matt said we made our negative split, so i am with him on it. WOW that was a literally hard and horrible run. Thanks Coach. LOL

  2. Great push Alena! This weather definitely didn't help, semi snow before we started is just wrong at the end part of April. Ran with Alena. Our split:


  3. Huffaker trail is brutal! There are some serious hills.

    Split 4:20

    3.22 miles each way

  4. Split: 3:45... TOTALLY cheated because the medium intensity 10 minutes was straight up hill, so I could only say one word because I was dyin' just from the steep grade. But it was a good run, and I chased Bruce (our dog) all the way home.