Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 5 Day 2, Tuesday April 20, 2010


10 min stretch

4 x 400m runs on 3 minutes
run 400m in less than 3 minutes and rest the remaining time left for your 3 mins
4 x 200m runs on 2 minutes
run 200m in less than 2 minutes and rest the remaining time left for your 2 mins
3-5 rounds
400m run
10 burpees

Intervals are not timed - but need to be sprints, the rounds workout is timed and there is no "planned" rest in between


  1. Did the 6pm WOD with Matt with a vest on, and that sucked - HAHA it was 5 x 5 power cleans at 50kg (mine became hang cleans - couldnt get my body upright quick enough to miss the vest) 10 burpees and 200m sprint (using that term loosely). 16:48 time
    Ran the intervals - 1st one with Spinx my boxer and he is way faster than me so I handed him on over to the guys - cuz they are way faster than me as well.
    I complain a lot while running "interval sprints" and will apoligize again to Matt for listening to me, and to whom ever you may believe in as a highewr power - I am sure god frowns upon me while I "sprint" and whine. LOL
    I have decided that if I were a caveman the Saber tooth tiger would of enjoyed me for dinner many years before this age in life. :0)
    The 5 round 400m run with burpees was a joy, and I love burpees! YAYAYAYAY burpees!

  2. The saber tooth tiger...AHAHAHAHA! I freaking laughed my ass off when I read that because I know exactly how you feel! Running is just not my thing...YET. Lol. And you and your burpees... Great job, Alena!