Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 6 Day 1, Monday April 26, 2010


Left arm kettlebell overhead windmills 16kg
Right arm kettlebell overhead windmills 16kg
Kettlebell swings 24kg
(ensure good technique on this phase)

2-4 rounds
50 push ups
50 sit ups
50 squats

3 mile run

50 pull ups


  1. Holy Guacamole! I'm not sure if I have quads any more... between Badger, the stair climb and today... whew hoo!!


    A few notes... if you'd like to know all of the creative (but incorrect) ways to do windmills, see me! I came up with 3 different ways... too bad they were all wrong! My time also included a 3 minute break when Jason gave me some psych-counseling on Jake's comment, "Have you weighed yourself lately?" ... hmmmm!

    Other than that... great workout!

  2. Torrey - you did great! I applaud you and Gene for pulling these workouts off by yourself! TRUE WARRIORS!!

    My time is at the gym, but it was a rough one - I know the crazy paths I took or my 3 miles was laughable, but changed it up for me. :)

    I did ring pull ups instead of bar pull ups, trying to get to that muscle up.

  3. Did this one with Justin around 1PM'ish. I had to throw in the towel after the 3 mile run to make it back to work, but my time was at 56 minutes or so.

    I'm glad I didn't do the pull-ups though, because I misread the instructions & thought it said 4 rounds of 50 pull-ups instead of the 4th element is 50 pull-ups! That would have been brutal! Well... more brutal anyway.

  4. Element 1 5:32 with 16kg windmills and 24kg swings
    Element 2 16:35
    Element 3 22:36
    Element 4 1:05

    We even learned some crazy Kettlebell movements from a Kettlebell master!

  5. Can you say AMRAP of deck squats swings burpees and v-twists!