Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 3 Day 6, Saturday April 10th, 2010


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Moments ago a distress radio call came into the Search and Rescue station about a severely injured pair of hunters on King Mountain, north of Palmer, Alaska.

Both are injured, but one has a severe compound femur fracture and has lost a lot of blood. The other hunter sustained minor injuries, but is unable to move his partner.

The incident that caused the injuries was a large rock slide, which also completely obstructed the narrow trail on the steep cliff that offers the quickest access to the injured victims.

A rescue helicopter has been called, but due to a previous call will not be able to be on station for 4 hours. The victim with the compound fracture will not last that long. The rescue team must choose either to move clear a path through the rocks or take a narrow trail around the back of the mountain to get to the victims.


Option A: Run 1 mile before not timed

If you choose to clear a path through the fallen rocks (shorter distance – but heavier):

Deadlift – 10,000lbs

Clean – 7,500lbs

Press, Push Press, or Jerk – 5,000lbs

*Scale your weight to your ability and keep track of lifts (i.e. 10 cleans at 95lbs = 950lbs). Mix up lifts as needed. Feel free to change weight as needed.

Note your time from beginning to end of all lifts

Option B:

If you choose to take the trail around to the other side (longer – but no heavy lifting):

Run 15K (9.6 miles)

Note the time of the run from beginning to end.


  1. Thanks Chandler for those lovely Squat Cleans :-p. That was extremely horrible!
    WOD's of the Day included Air Force PT this morning then Operation Rock or Roll this afternoon. I'm toast!

    Air Force PT
    1.5 mile run = 9:23 --- PR :-)
    1 min push-ups = 50 (Chest to floor)
    1 min sit-ups = 57 (Not fully CrossFit but all the way down and all the way up.)
    Waste measure = 31.5 inches :-)
    *Almost Perfect score.. needed 12 more push-ups and cut the run to under a 9:12 :-(

    Operation Rock or Roll:
    Jason and I chose option A:
    102.5kg Deadlifts, 44 Reps.
    60kg Squat Cleans, 57 Reps.
    50kg Push Jerks, 45 Reps.
    Time: 36:16

  2. The situation was not as expected: significantly higher on the mountain (approx. 7500 ft) and standard tools were not available (no rubber plates). Furthermore, rescuers encountered a sick woman with 5 children, 4 of whom were under the age of 5, and occasionally required attention. The team thought it wiser to clear a path, keeping contact with the woman and children, instead of taking the long way around. Rescuers were cut a break, and only had to remove 75% of the material.

    Time: 38:40

  3. Option A

    102.5 Deads x44
    60kg Squat Cleans x57
    60kg Jerks x38


    Nice job everyone!

  4. Torrey - You Rock!

    Situation with normal proceedings - other than the men I train with. Squat cleans??? Really!!! I could fly through the cleans so much faster without the squat part.

    29:10 or 29:01
    80kg deads
    40kg squat cleans
    40kg push press

    Was not really feeling it today, but that is just a mental game I must push myself through!

  5. Option A:

    28 Minutes
    102.5 kg Deadlift (44 reps)
    60 kg Squat Cleans (57 reps)
    60 kg Push Press (38 reps)

    Great weekend with friends!