Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 3 Day 5, Friday April 9th, 2010

Hitting day 5 with a vengence! I hope everyone had a wonderful recovery day and a great time with their famalies and Brass Ring!

Today we have a cool combination of kettlebell work, body weight movements, and strength based moves.

4-5 rounds
10 SDHP with kettlebell HEAVY
5 KB swings right arm Medium
5 KB swings left are Medium
right inot
500m row
50 push ups
50 flutter kicks - count of 4, so 2 per each leg = 1 count
350m row
35 push ups
35 flutter kicks
200m row
20 push ups
20 flutter kicks
right into
5-6 rounds
10 dead hang pull ups
10 shoulder press - Heavy



  1. This WOD was an awesome combination of movements. The deadhang pull-ups kick my butt!


    5 Rds
    SDHL @ 28kg
    KB Swing @ 20kg

    5 Rds
    Press @ 30lbs

  2. 30:12

    5 rounds of:
    SDHP with 32kg Kbs
    KB Swings with 24kg

    6 round of:
    Press with 40lb dbs

    That last round of Pull-ups and Presses was brutal!

  3. Man dead hang pull ups are HARD! The strict press was cake compared o those - and did I ever forget about how much flutter kicks burn! 29:01 with 5 rounds the first and 5 the second (was going for 6, but couldnt do anymore pull ups) Blah!

  4. Totally lost my post-it note with the time. Did all 5 rounds... but when I got to the deadhang pull-ups I chickened out... did jumping... realized afterwards I should have used the rubberband. My problem is that I know that 50 pull-ups always takes me 10 -15 minutes alone... hmmm...