Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 4 Day 2, Tuesday April 13, 2010

Warm up

10 min stretch


5-6 rounds
20 med weight dumbbell push press - be explosive on the dip drive
20 squats
20 push ups


  1. Throwing some extra strength into my week now until the qualifiers.
    Ideas on how to help teach me how to explode from the bottom of thrusters squats etc - so many years of concentric slow reps I really struggle on this. So, if you got any advice or ideas I would appreciate it!
    So, with that did squats and GHD yesterday, did Clean and jerk, kettlebell swings and burpees today.

  2. I'm not a great example of the explosive technique either, but I think a big part of it is mental visualization and an aggressive mind set.

    Workouts like todays will force you to be as explosive as you can be. Denny & I did this WOD with 45# DB's & they got heavy fast. I was close to throwing in the towel & dropping down in weight after round 3, but stuck it out & finished at 45#. Had to be explosive just to get the weight above ear level toward the end.

    Did 6 rounds @ 45# DB's in 22:55'ish I think?

  3. Alena - Imagine the weight being as light as a feather. If you think it's heavy, it WILL be heavy, whether you are using 20kg, 40kg, or 90kg. If you tell yourself it's nothing, you will get that explosion on your squats every time! The only times I can't get new PRs on squats are the times when I think about how heavy the weight is. Think Hulk ; ) You KNOW you can do it...now just remind yourself how strong you are and don't think so hard about how you're gonna get it back up : )

  4. 12:34... 20lb dumbbells. I need to get some 25's for home... though with that said, I still wasn't doing uninterrupted sets of 20 with the 20's... so I have a ways to go.

  5. 13:07 with 45lb dbs and 6 rounds

    Some great articles concerning explosive strength training.



  6. 13:29
    6 rounds at 45 lbs
    Nice work, everyone!

  7. 15:24 with 30lb dumbbells - tried 35 for the first round and almost took my own skull off, so I thought hmmmm maybe I should switch that up. HAHAHAHA
    Also did yesterdays regular WOD at 24kg in 7:55

  8. 17:21
    6 Rds at 40lbs

    Great set of movements.