Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 3 Day 3, Wednesday April 7, 2010

The Chase

Trail run!

15 min run at moderate intensity - you can talk just not in full sentences.
10 min run at high intensity - you are down to single words only.
5 min sprint - All out run, can't breath can't talk!

Turn around, and the Chase is on!
Negative Splits!!!


  1. The good, the bad & the ugly...
    Good: Negative splits by either 6 seconds or a minute 6 seconds, depending on how you consider the ugly; the really good was that it was a bit of heaven running by myself, with my ipod, and NO STROLLER, on this beautiful spring evening... and on my favorite Patagonia ditch trail!

    The Bad: Judging moderate and high intensity on 60min runs... I seem to have one speed

    The Ugly: I confess, I walked a minute mid-way through my high-intensity... I was toast... As well as anyone who had to see me being 'chased' for 30 minutes...

  2. Negative split was 2:41

    30min out and 27:19 back

    The trail was awesome! I had a great time on the brutal incline.

  3. That trail was awesome, the 90% great on the negative split sucked but it was still a fun run :-). Also, for once the run wasn't in a hail storm or Mach 17 winds :-p.

    Negative split was: 35 seconds :-p

    It took everything I had to even have a negative split. I'm also with Torrey, I'm sure I only had one speed.

  4. Well that trail was a little more than what I thought - but it was awesome! Yeah Matt the 90% increase in like a 100 feet was crazy, it was HARD running up it! With a 30 sec pee break in the first 30 mins of running I beat my time by 2 seconds. HAHAHA
    Mel heard me coming up behind him like a mad cow, and as I sprinted (sprint is a relative term) by panting "gotta get my split Mel"
    And I did - YEAH!!

  5. Good for you sis!! I hit my split as well. Ran at the patagonia trail with Draven (he can barely walk today poor puppy) but I think I experienced my first ever runners high, and I was able to beat my split as well. Got mine by 1:12