Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 3 Day 1, Monday April 05, 2010

Goal for the workout:
Execute workout at an even, consistent pace.

WOD: Guerilla Camp

Element 1
Med rounds (3-5) of:
Run width of field
25 Squats

Element 2:
Med Rounds (3-5) of:
Run width of field
25 Push Ups

Element 3
Med Rounds (3-5) of:
Run width of field
25 Sit Ups

Element 4
2 rounds of:
Heavy (20-65lbs) KB Waiter Carry (switch arms)
Hold the kettlebell straight up with elbows locked.
Walk the length of the field, switch arms and walk back.
Do this twice.

Element 5
Heavy Rounds (4-6) of:
10 Kettlebell Swings
20 Sit Ups

Element 6
Heavy Rounds (4-6)
10 Med (10-50lbs) KB SDHP
20 Sit Ups

In elements 5 and 6 change sit ups from 20 to 10

Advance/ Elite
Push through the workout at a pace you can maintain. Take as few breaks as possible.

To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable, but to be certain is to be ridiculous.
- Chinese Proverb

Mental Preparation in swimming

This is for swimming but carries over to mental prep in general as well. Thoughts?


  1. I love the Mental Preparation exercises. I would love to see the rest of the document. Thank you for sharing this.
    Coach Ord

  2. 34:16
    4 rounds for Elements 1 - 3
    16kg KB for Element 4
    5 rounds for Elements 5 & 6, w/ 20kg KB

    Ohhh... this is going to be a week! Sure was glad the 5 a.m.-ers decided to run 'inside'!

  3. 36:10 I think?

    5 rounds for 1-3
    24kg KB for 4 (hard!)
    6 rounds for 5 & 6 with 24kg KB.

    5AM RULES!

  4. Welcome back Travis!!


    4 Rounds for Elements 1-3
    20kg KB for Element 4 (24kg was just way to heavy)
    6 Rounds for Elements 5&6 w/ 24kg KB

    That was a lot of sit-ups!!!

  5. 31:03
    5 rounds for 1-3
    28kg for element 4
    6 rounds for elements 5&6 with a 24kg KB

    Nice job PMers!

  6. Coach I'll post a link to the rest of the articles (1-7) with tomorrows WOD. These articles are a great way to develop an understanding of how important mental preparation is in performance and drive I enjoyed reading them as well

  7. 31:03

    5 rounds for elements 1-3.
    24 kg KB for element 4
    6 rounds for elements 5 & 6 using 24kg kb

    Great job, night warriors!

  8. 5 rounds for 1-3 and 6 rounds for 5-6 total time with a 20kg kettlebell was 36:23...

  9. Oh and did I say I loved this one! Does that reflect on the strength aspect I have, and the endurance I dont. HAHAHAHA I will swing carry squat roll whatever with a kettlebell all day long. :-)