Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 9 Day 1, Monday May 17 2010

Here we hit our Courage cycle again, or our "bring the fury" week.

Monkey & a Football (Ok, I am a giant kid but that is an awesome name)

Push ups
Sit ups
Kettlebell swings medium weight

5 pistols right leg
5 pistols left leg
5 handstand push ups

* scale pistols to squats and HSPU to heavy overhead press

3 mile run

"A warrior must take care that only his spirit is not broken."


  1. Jesus Chandler - this was my "recovery" WOD, so ia ctually only made it a mile into the 3 miles, and said that was enough. Every part of my body hurts, and my calves were killing me on the run, I can only thank that stupid hill in Washington for that!
    None the less my performance was poor on this, and my pistols were freaking funny!

  2. The 10 million push-ups and pull-ups we've done the last 9 weeks are starting to pay off... I actually managed an inch more in depth on HSPU's and pistols! Whew-hoo!

    Rowed 6k instead of ran... forgot my running shoes... guessing the whole workout took me 38 minutes or so... the 6k was 24:20.