Monday, May 31, 2010

Farewell Fellow Warriors

I would like to thank everyone in the BBCF community for being such an inspirational and die hard group of people. I truly understand what is means to be part of something bigger than myself and feel like I am taking a little part of you all with me in my journey.

I am leaving BBCF as a stronger person in the physical and mental aspect of training and life. Everyday we push ourselves past boundaries we otherwise would not have crossed and we do it together as a team helping each other along the way. No one is ever left behind and there are so many people willing to go the extra mile.

Thank you all for allowing me to be part of something so great and inspirational. It has been truly a pleasure coaching and working out alongside each and every one of the amazing members of the BBCF community. I have seen so many outstanding transformations in our members, both physically and mentally.

-Scott is one that will always stick out in my mind. When he started, I was literally squatting under him to help him finish his pull-ups during an FMP and now he is a monster killing WODs everyday.
-Mel and Alena you will always be the two who were just as crazy as I am. No matter what you were always willing to do anything that sounded cool and even things that didn't. Like a three way call at midnight to do some burpees.

Thank you Alena and Jason for taking the box over and putting your heart and soul into each and every member of our community. And thank you to all the members of the BBCF community who come in everyday and give everything they've got This is what makes BBCF so successful, keep up the good work and stay in touch

"The greatest victory is the victory over ourselves. Remember, it's always too soon to quit.



  1. Chandler - I cant begin to tell you how much your time with me as a friend, coach, midnight burpee partner has meant to me! You are an inspiration to everyone who meets and knows you in one way or another - be it your selfless acts, your dedication to your beliefs, your mental fortitude, your physicall prowless! Your an amaxing man in every way that I know you. You make BBCF and every Warrior proud to know we are even a memory in your life! Thank you for so much Chandler!

  2. Chandler,

    Sorry to have missed seeing you off. I KNOW that you KNOW this but I have got to say it: "Never, ever, ever, ever quit!"

    Semper Fi!

  3. Chandler,
    I was at the gym this evening (well, o.k., yesterday evening...), and it wasn't the same! Your sense of humor, commitment to the gym, ability to push through crazy, crazy workouts, and chill approach to coaching will certainly be missed. Thanks for everything!!