Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome form Kirkurk, Iraq

I don't mean to highjack the warrior athlete page, but I cannot post comments - only new posts. I also wanted to let everyone know, I've made it safe to my final location (for the next 4ish months) Kirkurk, Iraq. If your familiar with your geography, its 200 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq. If not Google is awesome. Had to use Google myself :-p. Anyway I also wanted to post my mailing address and my email address. I'd love to hear from everyone and care packages would be awesome :-). If I could put in a request on a care package, a couple ab mats would be fantastic! Never realized the necessities until you need them :-p.

Mailing address:

SSgt Hoff, Matthew
Unit # 70072
APO AE 09359


Until next time, have a wonderful weekend and week! Kick some Warrior Athlete butt!


  1. Matt - gave you admin on the blog, plus changed the status of users to post - Jerad had the same problem. Hopefully it worked, since your more computer savy when it comes to this I think you can probablly figure out what I screwed up. LOL

  2. Glad to hear you landed safe broseph. Have fun playin in the sand.