Sunday, June 13, 2010

Phase One Completed!

Congratulations everyone we have officially completed Phase I of the warrior athlete program!

How's everyone doing with the program so far?


  1. Love the program... love the assessment week (except when I'm actually doing it)... like having the straight-forward goals... love the charts/graphs to see progress and suck-areas.


  2. I am really enjoying the program. I believe my overall fitness level has improved as I am more well rounded. This year's RTO was much easier than last year which I can attribute to this program. I do admit that I am planning on working in some strength work in the afternoons as soon as I can clear some stuff off my plate & get a little more time on my hands. The mental - brass ring - aspect is a unique challenge in and of itself. It's great to have specific assignments to think about on rest days.

    My only qualm is that I miss everyone, because I don't get the same daily interaction doing the WOD at 5AM. I need to commit some more time to BBCF to visit with you all.

  3. I definitely enjoy the program. What I really like is the fact that we are becoming a lot more balanced in our areas of fitness.

    While we might sacrifice an insignificant amount of strength, we gain in our endurance and stamina.

    Hooyah warrior athletes!