Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 5 Week 1 Friday 26, March 2010

Hope all did well on thier recovery day yesterday, and started thinking about the discipline we may all need in different areas of life.

Today we have a great workout that should burn the legs - Matt I know how much you and I will enjoy this one!

2-4 rounds

Run 1 mile
35 Over head squats
35 Sumo deadlift high pulls - kettlebells

Please look at your levels and see where you fall in, scale up if you are feeling good - don't scale below your "level" sub the run for another movement if your lungs feel like they are falling out through your nose. :-)


  1. Well I did 4 rounds in with 700 jumps subbed for my mile. May I say not so much fun! HAHA

  2. 4 rounds with 30kg OHS and 24kg KB SDHP. that was a prett good metcon! Time was 41:03ish

  3. 3 Rounds with 20kg OHS and 20kg KB SDHP.
    Time: 35:10

  4. 3 rounds with 15kg OHS and 16kg KB SDHB. Time 36:15. Like that one... but the headwind was brutal for the run.

  5. 30Kg OHS & 24Kg KB SDHP. 4 rounds. 44:15

    That was a great WOD. Glad I did it in the early AM without the headwinds! : )