Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 2 of Assessment

OK - this day seems like it is ending with a bitch of a "test" a 10k row. Ahhh I have done a 10k row once before and swore to never do it again, but here I am doing it again. Thanks Coach!

Max BW Bench Press 1 set full body weight/half for woman as many reps as possible
Dead hang Pull Up 5 reps with weight
Overhead Press 5 reps max weight for all 5 consecutive reps
Back Squat 5 reps max weight for 5 consecutive reps
Deadlift 5 reps max weight for 5 consecutive reps
Row 10000 Met As fast as possible


  1. 7pm is having popcorn and a movie for our 10k row. :-)

  2. Holy Crap for 10K row! 41:44 of pull! recover... pull! recover... repeat.

    Maybe I'll come see y'all & a movie at 7PM.

  3. First time 10k row - 43:57

    Did you guys EVER start rowing?

  4. Day 3: I totally slept through the 5 a.m.... oops! Looking forward to seeing the 7 p.m. crew for some fun on the rower/pavement!

  5. We watched a movie??? I must have blacked out!
    Pretty sure we rowed to China and back! Great job guys!!


  6. Gene - we did start rowing and it was late!
    Got up for the 5am class today and realized not enough recovery time so see ya all at 7pm tonight.
    WOW - recovery day Thursday sounds awesome!