Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2 Week 1, Tuesday 23, March 2010

Warm up:

10 min stretch


4-6 rounds
10 pull ups
10 kettlebell swings
10 deadlifts

Pick your weight and rounds off of your assessment from coach - all of those after 6:45am.


  1. 11:15'ish using 32 Kg Kettlebell and 102.5Kg Deadlifts @ 6 rounds. Kettlebells were too heavy.

    It is easy to be prideful and go too big or too heavy with some of these workouts & I am going to try to be aware of that line more than I have been in the past. Nobody benefits when you get injured.

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  3. Thanks to the expedience of Coach Ord and Alena, I had my results from assessment week to scale for this work out. However, Chandler and I ran into a couple of scaling problems that hopefully Coach Ord can fix.

    Scaling Problems
    1) Which scale do we follow? Do we follow the Bar Graph of Endurance, Power, Speed, Strength and Stamina for all the exercises? Or do we follow the individual scale assessment for each individual exercise?
    For example: Today's Deadlift movement; under the individual deadlift movement I'm considered Elite, however, according to the bar graph I'm just under Advance for my Strength. Am I considered Elite or High Intermediate?

    2) What scale factor should we consider for Round Limits? Chandler compared his highest movements to determine which level is his highest and use that. I.e. 8 Elite, 7 adv, 7 int.. so Scaled to Elite rounds since Elite has more movements.

    I bring these concerns up cause I want to make sure I'm following the programming as prescribed. Coming from strictly CrossFit with designated weight limits for each movement; I'm just unaware of scaling to my own level. I hope my descriptions above were clear and understandable.

    5 Rounds Of
    Strict Pull-ups
    20kg KB Swings
    102.5kg Deadlifts

    Scaled to each particular movement.

  4. I didn't focus on time tonight. Instead I focused on a solid strength day. Taking the time to set up my deads and swings properly. The "Starrett" deadlift set up is golden and I really worked on it tonight with this.

    The total time to complete 20:06 @6 rounds with 102.5kg deads (225) and a 32kg (71lb) Kb. I also did strict pull-ups.

  5. It appears that the 7PM group worked using strict pull-ups. Coach - are we to assume that pullups are strict unless noted as "Kipping Authorized"? I can see how strict pullups would add a bunch of time and work

  6. I'd like to build on Matt's scaling question... on days listed as 'heavy' (such as Tuesday)... if the prescribed weight really isn't heavy (because my 1-rep/ 5-rep max is pathetic... but I can do a whole lot just under my 'max'), should we adjust up a bit, or just stick with what's listed?

    For example... I'm prescribed to do 45 kg deadlifts on my 'heavy' day... but I did 80 kg yesterday, not having my official scaling yet.

    I think, for me, this may only be a real problem with deadlifts... everything else seemed pretty right-on.

    With this said, thanks so much, Coach Ord, for the results... very, very, very interesting!

  7. Scaling...

    The assessment provides some guidance on scaling, but is not intended to be "the word of the Lord". In other words, it should provide a reality check on which level to work from, but that you should not feel that you have to follow any one specific level for all things, or that you cannot deviate to scaling between levels.

    The assessment is also designed to benchmark progress throughout the program. I would say that this is its primary purpose, with scaling advice as it's secondary purpose.

    When looking at your assessment competency graph, each of the fundamental elements of fitness (strength, stamina, power, speed, endurance) is lumped together. The breakdown shows each component of the fundamental. This information provides a snapshot of where you stand in any given area. Scaling up a level from where you are is perfectly fine, but going up two levels could pose injury risks. Sometimes a level down is necessary if you are recovering from illness or just need a less intense day.

    Bottom line -
    The assessment will show, over the course of the 10 months, your progress while on the program. It will also serve to inform your scaling choices so that you can work consistently to improve without injury.

    You are the boss. Let the assessment help you make wise scaling choices, but don't look to it to provide strict prescription on every workout.

    Remember the difference between training and competition. Training is the order of days 1,2,3, and 5. Competition is day 6. There are strict guidelines for day 6 every week, days 1-5, on the other hand, will vary from person to person, based on their abilities.

    Hope this makes sense and provides some direction for your go-forward plan.

    Coach Ord

  8. Thanks Coach Ord!

    I believe that will clear up a lot of the concerns, at least my concerns. Since I'm leaving in just over a month I wanted to make sure that when I'm by my self there aren't any concerns about doing something wrong. Since I'
    ll be more then a phone call away.