Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 4 of Assessment

WOW - that recovery day yesterday was a nice needed break in the cycle. I do have to admit that until this week the 3 on 1 off idea never really fit in my scheme of training. Well thanks Coach Ord for showing me that every once in a while you better freaking rest!

Today is another great day of max effort on movements a run and a row.

5000m row as fast as possible
Max thrusters in 1 min 42.5/30kg
Max box jumps in 1 min 20in box
Run 1.5 mile
Max burpees in 1 min


  1. Hey all,

    I am going to state the obvious before Day 4 starts ---- this assessment is not an entry level program! Even the cross fit workouts I have been doing have not been preparation enough, especially for the hard intervals done on Day 3.
    That being said, I am looking forward to seeing our first week of workouts!!

  2. I'll go ahead and second that Gene! I think I've liked Crossfit because it's challenged me to do things I never thought I could do... Handstand push-ups, Double Unders, etc. But the trade-off is that I haven't been consistently challenging myself towards a goal (though I'm not sure what that goal is... but still...)

    With this said, I've been sore a lot with Crossfit, but I haven't felt this tired in a long time! :) (But I LIKE it!!!)

  3. Guys - if anything this has been an eye opening experience. I literally sat on the rower telling Jason that in some ways CrossFit had made me much better of an athlete, but in some other ways I feel I have let it hinder other aspects of my fitness - i.e. certain golas, no serious sprints, etc.

    I am excited to see the change we all make - and dear gawd no this could not be a program an entry level, or many mid level athletes could do.

    Great job, and our first week will be as great as our last week!

  4. I agree with all of you! This has been quite a humbling experience. I have been destroyed after running a marathon but nothing like this week, its like my very first week of CrossFit. I'm certainly looking forward to the results that we all will receive.

    Lets keep up the awesome work and feed off each other.

  5. The assessment is only as tough as you are.

    Think about it:

    1. Every training program designed to identify and train warriors has a "selection" phase. A formidable obstacle designed to separate those who are able to go on from those who are not. I applaud all of your efforts in making it over that wall.

    2. There are no time limits in the assessment, other than the ones you pose on yourself. If you wanted, you could have made every element "comfortable" for you. Set the bar low, stay inside while the storm rages outside.

    3. Not everyone is elite (I'm not), but we all have the ability to reach into uncharted territory. It was your desire to push past what is known that has left you sore and tired. Good is the enemy of great, the possible is the enemy of the impossible. You seem to understand that.

    Conclusion: The assessment is tough only if you are tough. Your drive to give every bit of yourself over the past week is more of a testament to your warrior spirit than it is anything else.

    Good job Warrior Athletes!

    Coach Ord