Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3 of Assessment

Phew - we are close to our recovery day. I think I finally understand the 3 on 1 off deal.

So today is a day of rowing and running sprints - I know pacing is not necesarilly what we may be good at, but from the looks of 5am we need to pace it on that last row and run.

4 x 250m row
3 x 500m row
2 x 1000m row

and then

4 x 200m run
3 x 400m run
2 x 800m run

Looking good guys!!!


  1. Wow... my gas tank is completely empty. Took dang near two hours to complete this one. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

  2. I hear ya, Travis...I'll be honest, I didn't do every round...I figured my first time would be my fastest, and it was hard enough to do it by myself at 10a...Don't think I would have finished everything if I did every round.

  3. Today I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day. Great job today everyone!

  4. Hit by a truck is an understatement - my right leg feels like it is out of the socket, with a small gnome or umpa lumpa jabbing a large tennis ball between my ass cheek and my hamstring conector.
    Dear GAWD!

  5. WOW!! I need a new body!
    This assessment definitely test your mental ability to just finish the WODs. I look forward to more painful activities this weekend :-) Have a great rest day everyone!

  6. Alena,

    After watching your deadlifts the other day you definetly have some umpa lumpa going on.

    Second 1000 meters on rower I just broke down with exactly 367 meters to go. It was ugly.

    See you Friday ---

  7. Gene -

    That was my "secret" strategy only you and I know, now the whole warrior program knows about it. HAHAHA