Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 24 Day 3 - Courage

Run 15 (yes FIFTEEN) kilometers.

A.K.A. - 9.3 Miles; 49,104 feet; 589,248 inches

Any suggestions as to time and place to meet for this run tomorrow? I don't know of any good 9.3 mile routes.


  1. Or we could always do 111 laps in a pool! Hahaha

  2. Mother of God.
    Ran the 9.2 mile jones/whites creek loop at Galena Creek Park.
    The first 2000' was up to Church pond (6200' to 8200'). This portion took 40 minutes.
    The rest of the trip was fantastic. Gnarly blisters on the heels and balls of feet from the fast downhills.

    1:41:00 total time
    I was friggin' zonked at the end of this run. True mountain running.

    Thanks Gene for letting me know about this loop.

  3. Nice, Denny!

    On the contrary, Matt, Adam and I did the Reno Tahoe Airport loop of 9.25 miles. Enjoyed the sights and sounds of Peckham, Rock, Mill, McCarran and Greg street. A good feel of the Nevada gravel. True urban running.

    Time: 1:19:50
    Had a great time with friends.
    Thanks Matt for mapping out the loop.